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Our bentonite is commonly used in drilling fluids for lubricating and cooling the cutting tools. It even helps in removing the cuttings and avoids the blowouts. Commonly, the bentonite we produce is useful at drilling and geotechnical engineering industry. They have unique rheological properties.

Additionally, our bentonite is even used at the foundry-sand bond of the iron and steel foundries. The Sodium bentonite we produce is often used for large casting and they use the dry molds along with the calcium bentonite that is often used for smaller castings which use green or the wet molds.

Our bentonite is used as a binding agent in the manufacture of the iron ore (Taconite) pellets especially in the steelmaking industry. In small percentage, our bentonite is used as the ingredient for the homemade and commercial clay bodies and ceramic glazes.

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