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Oil And Gas Chemicals

Petroleum also known as crude oil is found under the Earth’s surface in the form of yellow liquid. It is refined into different types of fuels. Using the distillation process, various components of petroleum are separated. Petroleum Oil is being recovered by drilling oil. Based on geographical studies, analysis of sedimentary basin, and characterization of the reservoir, drilling is done to extract underground oil. Use petroleum oil is used in the manufacture of various materials. It is estimated that around 95 million barrels of oil are consumed each day by the world.

Natural Gas mainly consists of methane but does have another alkaline of higher value and even a small amount of carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, helium, or nitrogen. The formation of natural gas takes place by exposure to high pressure and heat that is available under the Earth over the years.

Natural Gas is a non-renewable source of energy that is used for cooking, heating, and generation of electricity. It is also used as a fuel for use in vehicles, the manufacture of plastics, and other organic chemicals.

Natural Gas is found on underground rocks or that is associated with reservoirs of hydrocarbons in coal beds and methane clathrates. Petroleum is one form of another resource that is found close to natural gas.

We at Blue Line Industries understand the complex oil and gas markets that are prevalent in the UAE. We are committed to giving our partners an extended service and value to the products that we provide as a part of the Oil and Gas Industry. We work on connecting to customers and suppliers in getting a win-win partnership with them.

Modern Society is committed to providing access to a safe and continuous supply of energy. We are committed to being one of the most trusted and strong strategic partners.

Based on our knowledge of products and applications, trends, markets, suppliers, and requirements of consumers, we work on providing clear edge and sustainable solutions that help our customers and suppliers in the development of their core business.

We do develop tailor-made products and specific customer blends in our labs for global sourcing and product line method in the reduction of supply chain costs.