Blue Line Industries


Environmental-Safety De-Icing Products For Various

Airline Businesses

With the De-Icing products of Blue Line Chemicals, you can overcome the operational difficulties in adverse weather conditions, especially on the aircraft and runway deicing. All this is possible with our latest recycling solutions bringing the best environmental safety.

We have expert deicers that have been in this field for many years and know various methods of producing saving waster removal and treatment solutions. This makes us one of the preferred choices in the aviation business. Serving The Best De-Icing Needs Our de-icing or anti-icing procedure server major three purposes –

Also, protecting the external surfaces from subsequent contaminations just before takeoff. Sometimes the fan blade ice can get accumulated just after the pre-start visual inspection. And these would even include even when the engine is running right at a low thrust just before take-off.

Providing Best Ground Deicing Solutions We perform the ground deicing of aircraft that are present in both general and commercial aviation. Our deicing fluids are available in various types and they are composed of various materials like PG (Propylene Glycol), EG (Ethylene Glycol) along with other major ingredients like thickening agents, surfactants (wetting agents), corrosion, colors, UV-sensitive dye.

Overcoming operational difficulties in adverse weather conditions in runway and aircraft deicing using new recycling solutions leading to environmental safety. Expert deicers help in saving waster removal and treatment cost, thereby being a preferred choice in aviation business.