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Salt Tablets are also known as Sodium Chloride or NaCl do have a combination of Sodium and Chloride ions. Salt Tablets are used in water softening and making the water used for human consumption. They act as positive hydration and for rehydration that helps athletes, keep the electrolytes balanced, retain fluids in cases of exertion due to high intensity and heavy work being done.

The use of salt tablets when added to water does make it good for consumption and for treatment of heat cramps and revive of salt from the body due to sweating. These salt tablets do have additional potassium, phosphate, and magnesium. The use of salt tablets as an oral therapy by doctors makes it one of the recommended medicine especially in the hot and humid regions in the world. It is even used for the treatment of diarrhea in adults and children. They are in the form of tablets and in powder and based on their demand, the form is available in the market.

Best Water Softening Agent

Our salt tablets are the best way to remove the hardness of the water. As most people are aware hard water would be filled with magnesium and calcium ions. These might interfere with the action of the soap. Also, they would lead to the creation of the scale or the film of the alkaline mineral deposits present on the industrial and household equipment and pipes. 

Regarding the residential and commercial water-softening units, we provide ion-exchange resins for removing the offending ions that would lead to the hardness of the water. 

Various Industrial Usage Of Salt Tablets

Our Sodium chloride tablets are commonly used in various industries. So even relatively minor applications are consumed in massive quantities. In oil and gas exploration, our salt tablets are a massive component for drilling fluids in good drilling. They are used for flocculating and increasing the density of the drilling fluid to overcome high down well gas pressures. Whenever a drill hits a salt formation, salt is added to the drilling fluid to saturate the solution in order to minimize the dissolution within the salt stratum.  Additionally, our salt tablet is also used to increase the curing of concrete in cemented casings.

At Blue Line Industries, the development of salt tablets does make water purified and safe for use and thus playing an important role in the enhancement of the health of human beings.



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