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Salt Manufacturer and Supplier

Market leaders in salt and petroleum chemical storage and services catering to the various requirements of the local and international clients, thereby ensuring great services

About Us

Blue Line LLC is more about petroleum and oil reserve services. We are one of the finest salt and petroleum chemical service providers in UAE committed in understanding your business needs. Blue Line provides products that you need right on time and delivering to where you want; all this at the industry’s best value.

We aim at building and providing products as well as services to the whole of Middle East and North Africa. Already we have established ourselves as the major business in the UAE for having the best salt refining plant in Salalah Oman. Frankly, we are one of the best distributors of salt and petroleum for these regions.

Currently, Blueline operates three major salt refining plants all over the Middle East with a huge capacity for producing 300,000 metric tons of best-refined salt each year. The production facilities and hub of ours can produce salt ranging from small packaging to whole shiploads of best industrial salts.

About Us

Our Mission

Blueline is committed in building a long-lasting customer relationship that is fueled by the passion for providing superior products.


The vision we have is to become the premium providers of value-added salt and other industrial chemicals. We want to invest and create a strategic partnerships with multinational companies in UAE and other foreign countries.


A journey that began two decades before, made Blueline Chemicals a well-established salt and petroleum chemical manufacturer. Created initially as an SME for providing customized solutions to various industrial sectors in UAE, today we have become hardcore petroleum and oil and gas suppliers for customers worldwide. 

Being an energy power society’s progress, we have the best innovations that accelerate huge progress. Our assumption is that energy makes society progress, so we find multiple ways to assists our customers to gain the best petroleum and gas chemicals. 

Here a few aspects of modern life, if any are untouched through the raw materials of oil and gas. Also, it begins with the talented and competent teams that are working together for drilling wells using the subterranean environments that they never actually see. 

Here we take into account the combination of best engineering disciplines along with geophysics, computer science, and metallurgy. Also, there are various great efforts for keeping older wells pump up irrespective of the inevitable drain on the production.  Right from the well’s cradle to grave, and all the things in between, there is where the people of Blue Line Chemicals come in.

Establish Blue Line Chemicals



Established office in Dubai for FMCG products

Setup first, Salt Purification Plant in UAE



Construction Chemicals and Water Treatment Division

Started its production chemicals division



Started its Mud Drilling Services

Build its new expanded refined salt process



About Us

As most of us are aware human life is very much valuable and the safety at the work sites is of the highest importance. All people that are working can be exposed to risks, especially workers that are working at the industrial facilities who can be exposed to higher risks.

Our safety measures and QHSE policies consists of employee wellbeing, customer satisfaction, environmental protection, innovation, continual improvement, business ethics, and excellence.


Every business would boast that their product is the best. But what makes us different. Well, the right products and services at the right price and right time. Think of us as a responsive, transparent partner whom you can depend on. We are the industry-leading and local experts in oil and natural gas production.


Oil & petroleum needs

We have a huge curiosity in terms of providing somewhat different from our competitors. That helps us to have a better understanding of what our customers’ want, why they want and even help them to overcome the challenges present in oil and natural gas needs.

Moreover, we are creating methods and procedures that are less-invasive, thereby meaning that it would reduce environmental footprints. Also, they would maximize the positive influence of the communities on which we live and work.


Grow & thrive

Here our solution would support our client’s mission that is critical for business operations through the curated and proprietary data and analytics. This helps to drive informed decisions and improves outcome. In today’s current digital world, data would be found everywhere. 

Data would describe the past and be of the moment. Here data fuels analytics would easily anticipate the future. The data fuel analytics we use helps us to anticipate the fuel. 

About Us


full cycle oil & gas services

Blue Line Chemicals provide a various multidisciplinary service portfolio that are tailored for covering the whole life cycle of the oil and natural gas facilities like offshore platform complexes, like jackets, topsides, pipelines, and subsea, FPSO, and other onshore facilities like storage, terminals, and refinery modification, etc. 

Here our projects range from the early phase studies and detailed design to lifetime extensions, modifications, partial and complete revamps, process improvements, tie-ins, decommissioning. 


There are thousands of suppliers to select from. You can select one that produces unsuitable products and charge you a huge amount that makes it tough for you to pay. Or you can choose us, Blue Line Chemicals.

The Right Solutions

Tailored products as per your specific challenges.

Shorter Lead Times

No long shipping times, a trustworthy partner close by to you.

Lower Costs

A localized manufacturing company able to reduce 30% of your cost.

Stock Available In-Country

The correct solution for the right time.

Industry-Leading Local Expertise

The best technical knowledge, products and facilities

Awards & Achievement

A journey that began two decades before, made Blue Line Chemicals as a well-established salt and petroleum chemical manufacturer. Created initially as a SME for providing customized solutions to various industrial sectors in UAE, today we have become hardcore petroleum and oil and gas suppliers for customers worldwide.


What we are is all because of the leadership skills of our management team. Dedicated and having
hands-on experience in various skills of management and decision making lead to the success and what we are today.

Awards &

Various certifications and awards clearly show that we are serious in our business. Our standards have been to provide great services to customers all over the UAE and never compromising on the quality and quantity.