We are aware of the opportunities and challenges faced by various businesses in today’s highly increasing and competitive complex oil & gas market. As market leaders in oil and gas business, we provide key advantage in terms of service commitments and expertise.


We are aware of the opportunities and challenges faced by various businesses in today’s highly increasing and competitive complex oil & gas market. As market leaders in oil and gas business, we provide key advantage in terms of service commitments and expertise.

Oil & Gas Chemicals




Food Industry

Oil & Gas Chemicals

Petroleum also known as crude oil is found under the Earth’s surface in the form of yellow liquid. It is refined into different types of fuels. Using the distillation process, various components of petroleum are separated. Petroleum Oil is being recovered by drilling oil. Based on geographical studies, analysis of sedimentary basin, and characterization of the reservoir, drilling is done to extract underground oil. Use petroleum oil is used in the manufacture of various materials. It is estimated that around 95 million barrels of oil are consumed each day by the world.

Natural Gas mainly consists of methane but does have another alkaline of higher value and even a small amount of carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, helium, or nitrogen. The formation of natural gas takes place by exposure to high pressure and heat that is available under the Earth over the years.

Natural Gas is a non-renewable source of energy that is used for cooking, heating, and generation of electricity. It is also used as a fuel for use in vehicles, the manufacture of plastics, and other organic chemicals.

Natural Gas is found on underground rocks or that is associated with reservoirs of hydrocarbons in coal beds and methane clathrates. Petroleum is one form of another resource that is found close to natural gas.

We at Blue Line Industries understand the complex oil and gas markets that are prevalent in the UAE. We are committed to giving our partners an extended service and value to the products that we provide as a part of the Oil and Gas Industry. We work on connecting to customers and suppliers in getting a win-win partnership with them.

Modern Society is committed to providing access to a safe and continuous supply of energy. We are committed to being one of the most trusted and strong strategic partners.

Based on our knowledge of products and applications, trends, markets, suppliers, and requirements of consumers, we work on providing clear edge and sustainable solutions that help our customers and suppliers in the development of their core business.

We do develop tailor-made products and specific customer blends in our labs for global sourcing and product line method in the reduction of supply chain costs.

Water Treatment

Water Treatment process does follow a systematic and unique way to improve the quality of water to make it use specifically at the end. The use of it can be used for industrial purpose, irrigation, drinking, recreation of water and for other uses that are safe for the environment.

Water Treatment process does remain contaminants that are available in water, reduce the concentration so that the water becomes fully fit for consumption. The treatment does help in improving the health of human and does make it benefit for irrigation and human consumption.

At the Blue Line Industries, we are engaged in developing products that provide clean water from various water segments and waste water that are filled. We are dedicated in protecting the environment by providing products that serve its purpose. We just do not only supply the products but also provide solution to your water problem that you are facing.

Blue Line Industries is one of the reputed water treatment companies and supplier of products in UAE. We are also into providing cost effective treatment solutions for cooling and heating systems.

For the water treatment of your systems, you could depend on a great variety of products that are provided by us as one of the trusted water treatment product solution suppliers in UAE. Having a good water treatment program with the appropriate water treatment chemicals will help in keeping your water systems well maintained and durable. These water treatment chemicals provided are used for treating water using different water applications that we have.

Our products are designed, developed after a thorough understanding of the market requirement and the needs of the public. Our products include water treatment components that include filters and RO components. We provide materials for swimming pools, boilers, chillers, industrial use etc.

The process does involve filtration and settling, use of chemicals for disinfection and finally use of biological process such as filtration of sand.

Following are the products that are being provided by us


Environmental-Safety De-Icing Products For Various

Airline Businesses

With the De-Icing products of Blue Line Chemicals, you can overcome the operational difficulties in adverse weather conditions, especially on the aircraft and runway deicing. All this is possible with our latest recycling solutions bringing the best environmental safety. We have expert deicers that have been in this field for many years and know various methods of producing saving waster removal and treatment solutions. This makes us one of the preferred choices in the aviation business. Serving The Best De-Icing Needs Our de-icing or anti-icing procedure server major three purposes – ● Removing all kinds of frozen or semi-frozen moisture from the critical surfaces of any aircraft present on the ground before any flight. ● Securing the ground surfaces from various effects like contaminants from the period between becoming airborne and treatment. ● Removal of all kinds of frozen and semi-frozen moisture from the engine intakes and fan blades. Also, protecting the external surfaces from subsequent contaminations just before takeoff. Sometimes the fan blade ice can get accumulated just after the pre-start visual inspection. And these would even include even when the engine is running right at a low thrust just before take-off.

Providing Best Ground Deicing Solutions

We perform the ground deicing of aircraft that are present in both general and commercial aviation. Our deicing fluids are available in various types and they are composed of various materials like PG (Propylene Glycol), EG (Ethylene Glycol) along with other major ingredients like thickening agents, surfactants (wetting agents), corrosion, colors, UV-sensitive dye. Overcoming operational difficulties in adverse weather conditions in runway and aircraft deicing using new recycling solutions leading to environmental safety. Expert deicers help in saving waster removal and treatment cost, thereby being a preferred choice in aviation business.


Great Brand Ambassador Right At Your Customer’s Homes

Blue Line Chemicals creates the best tailor-made package solutions for your products. You get an accurate and quality product manufactured by experts. Plus
you get suitable advice regarding the best packaging solutions for your products and delivery needs.

Nowadays, in the world of arbitrariness and over-stimulation, brand touchpoint needs to be intensive and creative. These need to get a sustainable brand message. For getting permanently placing the product or the brand right in the consciousness of the consumer, the haptic staging needs to be done for intensive experience after and before the purchase.

Do you know that packaging is the first haptic touchpoint? Also, it provides the highest gross reach to customers.


Custom Packaging For Various Range Of Industries

Being the leading packaging manufacturer, irrespective of whatever sector you are operating in, we get the correct solution for you. You might be looking for rebranding your business or brands, don’t worry. We would provide the perfect corrugated cardboard or folding boxes that contain various features.

Our customers range from various medical, healthcare, pharmaceutical, and food industries. They would require proper packaging that brings in the best hygiene standards. The best part is that all our products right from the food sleeves to printed boxes achieve the required regulations.


Packaging Suppliers Having Customer-Focused Service

You might be looking for a packaging supplier that can provide value to your product and brand. Go with us as we won’t take you for a ride and provide you with the best packaging solutions.

Designing tailor-made packaging solutions for your products. Get accurate and quality products fabricated by experts and suitable advice for the perfect packaging solutions for your products as well as delivery requirements.

Food Industry

Celebrated Manufacturers Of Export Quality Food Grade Salts

Blueline Chemicals Pvt Ltd is one of the best manufacturers and suppliers of food-grade salt in the UAE and provides a wide variety of quality salts. We deal with raw salt, food-grade salt, iodized salt, industrial salt, etc.

State of the art technology and expertise of team members are the major reasons how we can produce the best quality salts for various clients.


Expert Food Grade Salt Manufacturers

Due to the huge experience in such a domain, we have been providing efficient and high-quality food-grade salt for many years. Also, we have the latest and modern logistic facilities that easily meet the delivery deadline at ease.

Our food industry salt is manufactured in non-iodized and iodized forms. Additionally, the packaging is done in woven polypropylene bags having an inner lining of polyethylene around 25 kg and 50 kg. Also, the whole application is for food-processing industries and bakeries.


High-Quality Food Grade Edible Salt

The best part of using our food grade salt products is that they are all of the high purity salt. Commonly, these are used in food processing and human consumption.

The salts we produce are uniform in crystal size, fast-dissolving, and bring in a clear brine. Now, these products would meet the FDA and Food Chemical Codex
standards for food-grade salt and they are annually certified kosher.

Learn More About Our Best Quality Food Grade Salts

Call us and talk to our experts to know more about our food-grade salt manufacturing procedures and features.



At Blue Line Chemicals, we provide a unique and great quality salt that is the trademark of our company. The distinctive taste of the salt itself makes every chef and house-owners like our salt. In short, they are always a pinch of inspiration.



Each of the salt we create is distinct from other ones made by various salt manufacturers. 

An art in temperature and timing is followed. Slow warmth uncovering the water’s secret, with skilled hands poised over every batch. Traditional methods and time-honored techniques passed down through the centuries make our salt unique.



Rock Salt

This is extracted through mining and crushing rock that is 92% to 99% pure salt. 

Vacuum Salt

This is collected by pumping water into underground rock salt, then boiling the brine. The purity is more than 99.9%.

Sea Salt

(also known as Solar Salt) – We extract this salt by evaporating seawater, normally with sun and wind. 



De-icing Salt (Winter Salt or Road Salt)

Preferably mixed salt particle sizes (typically up to 3 mm) for effective de-icing.

Industrial Salt

Typically high purity Fine Salt used for its chemical properties or as a material in manufacturing.

Water Treatment Salt

High purity salt used to improve water quality, most commonly by softening or electrochlorination.

Water Softener Salt

Salt for use in regeneration of ion-exchange resin beds for water softening, typically Coarse Salt.

Pool Salt (also known as OSEC Salt)

For pools using On-Site Electrochlorination to generate chlorine from Pool Salt.

Agricultural Salt (or Animal Feed Salt)

For use in the production of crops and livestock (typically Fine Salt).

Food Salt (Table Salt or Cooking Salt)

Salt meeting the standards for human consumption, most commonly fine salt.

Along with these, our salt is used as the major chemical products for caustic soda and chlorine, which are separated by the electrolysis of a pure brine solution. These would be used in the manufacture of PVC, plastics, paper pulp, and many other inorganics and organic compounds. 

Our salt is also used as a major flux in the production of aluminum. For this purpose, a layer of melted salt floats on top of the molten metal and removes iron and other metal contaminants. 

Additionally, our salt is used in the manufacture of soaps and glycerin, where it is added to the vat to precipitate out the saponified products. As an emulsifier, our salt is used in the manufacture of synthetic rubber, and another use is in the firing of pottery, when salt added to the furnace vaporizes before condensing onto the surface of the ceramic material, forming a strong glaze.