Woven Bag

Woven Bag

Our woven bags are extensively laminated using the polypropylene coating right on the inside and outside. This provides an added barrier to the moisture and even avoids product leakage.

Plus our woven bags are UV stabilized that provides a longer lifespan even when exposed to the sunlight.

Durable Bags For Lifetime

Blue Line Chemicals produce the best polypropylene bags or woven bags that are durable and quite economically flexible options for various products.  Additionally, our woven bags are extremely tear-resistant, thereby eliminating and reducing product loss. This would make them ideal for usage in the food, chemical, and construction material industries. 

Best Quality And Fine Product

Our durable woven bag is made of polypropylene and contains thermoplastic resin. These are created when the polypropylene strips are woven tightly over a circular pattern, thus creating a light and strong material. The bottom side is sewn shut leaving the top open for packing product.

Frankly, our woven bags are best for packaging. Not only that they are non-toxic, non-staining, reusable, durable, and eco-friendly. Also, these are economical solutions to packaging stuff like salt, rice, coal, flour, feed, feed, fertilizers, chemicals, etc.

You can find our woven bags used in a variety of applications and industries including:

● Agriculture – storing and transporting produce, fertilizers, and more

● Food Packaging – commonly used for packaging rice, flour, beans, and grains

● Construction 

● Flood control 

Customized Woven Bags For Various Usages

We supply various woven bags of extreme quality and have huge stocks for immediate shipment. Also, these are ventilated, breathable, and waterproof including the liner. 

Some of the style and types consists of :

● Back seam

● L-seam

● Circular

● Unlimited size options

● Many construction options

● Easy-open option

● Ultraviolet inhibitor option

● Plain or printed

Why Choose Us For Best Woven Bags?

● We are the integrated manufacturers and suppliers of flexible packaging and fabrics for niche markets.

● We provide our customers with the highest quality woven bags in the industry.

● Giving maximum value for the best and fair price.

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