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The best part of using our rock salt or sodium chloride solution is that they are made of high-quality materials. These are the commonly used ice melters in Dubai and UAE, and most importantly, they are inexpensive and melt ice. 

Now compared to other materials, our sodium chloride solution has good effectiveness at cold temperature. It can easily melt ice right at temperatures below 20 degrees Fahrenheit. It is extremely safe for concrete.

For ensuring the safety of the road and its accessibility in the winter of cold region, a good winter road maintenance operation is necessary. Such operations would be based on the application of chemicals like salt on the road. 

Large quantities of our manufactured salt or deicing salt are applied for clearing the pavement and allow the normal traffic flow and economic activity.


Blue Line Chemical’s deicing salt is the most widely used deicing agent. There are three types of salt, which are different in the way they are mined/extracted: vacuum salt, rock salt and sea salt. Vacuum salt is fine road salt that is greatly harmful to the environment because of the extraction process involved. 

Unless this type of salt is gritted in combination with brine, it will quickly evaporate as it is particularly fine and dry. The extraction of sea salt on the other hand is eco-friendly. Its grains are coarser, giving the salt a longer lasting effect.

Pure deicing salt such as our is thus the perfect solution to clear driveways and car parks! Especially because it has the right proportion of both fine and coarse salt, which delivers a sterling result. Our salt is suited for preventive as well as curative applications. Plus our deicing salt is available in bulk loads as well for large surface areas and for industrial applications.

Faster & Easy Deicing

Our ready to use salt brine for deicing is a pure salt brine which contains 23% sodium chloride (NaCl) is fast and efficient. Various researches show that an NaCl concentration of 23% produces the best result. Salt that contains this sodium chloride concentration is able to deal with temperatures of a staggering -21 °C without freezing. Our salt is best used on a preventive basis or combined with dry salt for curative purposes. Thus, the perfect deicing agent!

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