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Sodium Chloride (Industrial salt)

The sodium chloride produced by us is commonly used in consumption in small quantities. But the major usage is in the oil and gas industries. In oil and gas exploration, salt is considered to be an important element as it is a necessary component of the drilling fluids, especially of good drilling. 

The industrial salt produced by us is used to flocculate and increase the density of the drilling fluids. Also, it can easily help in overcoming the huge down well of the gas pressure. 

Best Industrial Salt Providers

Besides the most common usage of the table salt that is for flavoring, and even preserving foods, our industrial salt has various huge valuable usages along with many industries from the usage of the intravenous salt solutions that are used at hospitals to the usage as the best de-icing agent.

Do you know the industrial salt produced by Blue Line Chemicals is the best conductors of electricity? They are used in many kinds of industrial applications. A large part of the salt sold by us goes to the manufacturing units. Here they are used to produce various products from paper and plastic to soap and detergent.

Our Industrial Salts Are Available In Various Forms

De-Icing Salt

This is a high purity salt for fast, effective, and long-lasting de-icing of snow and ice. It helps to secure against re-freezing, ensuring paths, roads and stairways remain clear.

Granular Salt

This salt is of high purity and available in rounded bead form. Such a product rapidly dissolves in water and is, therefore, an ideal water softener, working effectively in all commercial and industrial water softening or dishwashing units.

PDV Industrial Salt

Pure Dried Vacuum Salt (PDV) is great for a broad range of uses including in the manufacture of products including dyes and cosmetics through to being used in the water treatment, animal feed, and food and drink industries. These are made up of small granules allowing the product to free flow and dissolve rapidly in water and are a product sold primarily to be used for flavor enhancement and food preservation.

Pharmaceutical Salt

Such salts have a number of applications across this industry primarily within infusion solutions.

Rock Salt

Granular rock salt is suitable for a wide range of uses including de-icing, metal processing and the manufacture of cleaning solutions. 

Salt Tablets

Such kind of salt tablets are well compacted so will not easily crumble or break. As a pure salt product, they provide excellent results when used in water softening.

What Makes Us A More Reliable Salt Supplier?

Well we have a team having an exceptional depth of experience in the challenges facing manufacturers and importers alike. This understanding and daily communication helps us to anticipate problems and implement contingencies. 

With the added strength of having close working relationships with all the key suppliers, we provide solutions where others can’t. By continuing to meet our customers’ needs in even the most trying of circumstances, Blue Line Chemicals has established a reputation as the most reliable salt suppliers in UAE.


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