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Sodium Bromide

Sodium Bromide

Sodium Bromide is considered to be an inorganic compound having the formula NaBr. This is one of the high-melting crystalline white solid and is similar to sodium chloride.

We at Blueline Industry it is provided for preparing dense drilling fluids in oil wells. As it has a high solubility in water, it helps in compensating the required overpressure that often arises in the fluid column and even counteracts the associated trend for blowing out.

High-Grade Sodium Bromide Usage As A Disinfectant

Now our sodium bromide is used in the conjunction with chlorine as the best disinfectant. These are used in various swimming pools and hot tubs.

Best Materials For Preparation Of Bromine Compounds

We at Blue Line commonly use sodium bromide for the preparation of the other bromides in organic synthesis and other areas. These are the major sources of the bromide nucleophile and can convert alkyl chlorides to the most reactive alkyl bromides through proper manufacturing.


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