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Mud Chemicals

Mud Chemicals

It is polymer cellulose which is used in water-based drilling fluids. These products are added in fresh water and this makes stability in mud as better and reductions frictions and invasions.

Chemicals that are commonly used consist of betonies with additions of barium sulfate, calcium carbonate. The use of drilling mud is to provide a hydrostatic head that is used to counter the pressure in oil and gas and provide a chemical and physical means of protecting the formation of rock that is being drilled.

Best Drilling Fluids

Our mud chemical or drilling fluid’s major function consists of providing hydrostatic pressure. That would avoid the formation of fluids from getting inside the good bore. So, this would keep the drill bit cool and clean, especially when there s a drill cutting going on, drilling, and suspending the drill cutting. Commonly our drilling fluid is used for a particular job for avoiding the formation of damages and to limiting corrosion.

Easy To Remove Wall Cuttings

The drilling or mud chemical of Blue Line Chemicals would carry the rocks rock excavated using the drill bit up to the surface. Here the ability is based on cutting size, shape, and density, and speed of fluid traveling up the well.

These considerations are analogous to the ability of a stream to carry sediment; large sand grains in a slow-moving stream settle to the stream bed, while small sand grains in a fast-moving stream are carried along with the water. 

Beneficial Release And Suspend Cuttings

With our mud chemical, you can suspend weight materials, drill cuttings, and other additives under a wide range of conditions. Of course, most of the drill cuttings would lead to the formation of bridges and fill. This can lead to a stuck-pipe and lost circulation.

Easily Maintain Wellbore Stability

Using our mud chemical, you get a great chemical composition and mud properties. These combine to provide a stable wellbore. The weight of the mud must be within the necessary range to balance the mechanical forces. Also, the mud chemicals we provide helps the hole enlargement of the sand and sandstone formation.

These hole enlargements would be accomplished by mechanical actions (hydraulic forces & nozzles velocities). Formation damage is reduced by a conservative hydraulics system. A good quality filter cake containing betonies is known to limit bore hole enlargement.



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