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Defoamers And Foamers

We provide defoamers and foamers that are commonly used as oil-based defoamers having oil carrier. The oil here is usually white, mineral oil, and vegetable oil. 

Best Oil Defoamers

At Blue Line Chemicals, we create good oil based defoamers to be used on an oil carrier. The oil might be mineral oil, vegetable oil, white oil or any other oil that is insoluble in the foaming medium, except silicone oil. 

Our oil-based defoamer has a wax and/or hydrophobic silica for boosting the performance. Here typical waxes are ethylene bis stearamide (EBS), paraffin waxes, ester waxes, and fatty alcohol waxes. 

Now such products might also have surfactants for improving the emulsification and spreading in the foaming medium. Also, our defoamers are heavy-duty defoamers. They are normally best at knocking down the surface foam.

Great Powder defoamers

We have the best powder defoamers that are commonly called principle oil-based defoamers on a particulate carrier like silica. Such defoamers are added to powdered products like cement, plaster, and detergents.

Water-Based Defoamers And Foamers

Water-based defoamers and foamers are different kinds of oils and waxes that are dispersed in the water base. Such oils are often mineral oil or vegetable oils and the waxes are long-chain fatty alcohol, fatty acid soaps, or esters. These are normally best as deaerators, which means they are best at releasing entrained air.

EO/PO Based Defoamers And Foamers

This kind of defoamers would be containing polyethylene glycol and polypropylene glycol copolymers. They are delivered as oils, water solutions, or water-based emulsions. EO/PO copolymers normally have good dispersing properties and are often well suited when deposit problems are an issue.


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