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Caustic Soda, also known as Sodium Hydroxide has its own uses that are beneficial for humans. The use of caustic soda is commonly used in industries and in households. It is used in the manufacture of soap products, petroleum products, and in the production of chemical products. They are used in the treatment of water, textiles, processing of metal, glass making, etc. An impure form of caustic soda is available and it is found in drain cleaner, whereas pure form is used in the manufacture of soap and candles.

Our products are targeted to various sectors and with the sales to dealers and direct to consumers make us one of the sorts after seller in the market. Purchase of caustic soda cannot be done in large quantities as many people use it for illegal purposes. Moreover, it is a costly material and not easily available in the market for use too.

Making Hard Water Soft

When our caustic soda is added to hard water it helps to avoid corrosion. Commonly, hard water contains an abundance of calcium and magnesium. Nowadays, the minerals would adhere to the tanks and the water treatment lines of the facility. 

This can inhibit water flow and, if not treated, can eventually corrode through the line. Hard water is also renowned for lowering the saponification of soaps and detergents; clothes feel scratchy and look dingy, dishes and glasses are spotty, and a buildup forms on skin and appliances. Our caustic soda increases the pH of the water and can easily change the hard water to a much closer approximation to neutral when injected into the water treatment system. 

Reducing Dangerous Metals Through Best Caustic Soda

Unlike other caustic soda produced, Blue Line Chemicals produces caustic soda that decreases the solubility of dangerous metals, such as lead and copper. When these metals are in their insoluble state, they are both heavy and bulky. So, it makes them have a huge likelihood of being caught in a filtration system or falling to the bottom of a tank to be gathered. 

Best Corrosion Inhibitor – Our Caustic Soda

Unlike other additives that release calcium carbonate as a by-product of sequestration, our caustic soda acts as a corrosion inhibitor without the uneven distribution of calcium carbonate. Although calcium carbonate adheres to the walls of pipes, giving them a level of protection against caustic chemicals, an abundance, and uneven distribution prevent water from freely moving. 

Furthermore, our caustic soda sequesters and saponifies grease and oils, helping clear lines and increase water flow, and it has been proven that treating water with caustic soda does not require as much maintenance as when other pH adjustors are added.

Usage In Industrial Cleaning

Now our caustic soda would be used as the best industrial cleaning agents for various industries in UAE and other foreign countries. Here they become caustic when added to water, heated, and then used to clean process equipment, storage tanks, etc. 

Also, the caustic soda would dissolve oils, grease, protein, and fat-based deposits. Furthermore, surfactants would be added to the caustic soda for cleaning the waste discharge pipes present under the sinks and even the drains for domestic properties. 

Surfactants can be added to the sodium hydroxide solution in order to stabilize dissolved substances and thus prevent redeposition. A sodium hydroxide soak solution is used as a powerful degreaser on stainless steel and glass bakeware. It is also a common ingredient in oven cleaners.


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