Oxygen Scavenger

Oxygen Scavenger Oxygen Scavenger Oxygen Scavengers are used as an additional supplement for increasing or decreasing oxygen in a package. They are used for increasing the expiry date of the product and make them available on the shelf for a longer period of time.  Oxygen Scavenger does capture oxygen in its dissolved form that provides […]

Ferric Chloride

Ferric Chloride Ferric Chloride A colorless solution that has a faint odor that is used for water purification, treatment of sewage, industrial waste, an agent for circuit boards, and in the manufacture of other chemicals. It is considered highly corrosive to metals and to tissues. When combined with other products the result could give a […]

Caustic Soda

Caustic Soda Caustic Soda Caustic Soda, also known as Sodium Hydroxide has its own uses that are beneficial for humans. The use of caustic soda is commonly used in industries and in households. It is used in the manufacture of soap products, petroleum products, and in the production of chemical products. They are used in […]


Hypochlorite Hypochlorite Hypochlorite is considered to be one of the purest forms in disinfecting water to make it pure for drinking purposes. Hypochlorite, also known as bleach is used as a disinfecting agent for disinfecting viruses, bacteria, and its severe harmful agents that can cause danger to one’s life. But it is to be noted […]

Salt Tablets

Salt Tablets Salt Tablets Salt Tablets are also known as Sodium Chloride or NaCl do have a combination of Sodium and Chloride ions. Salt Tablets are used in water softening and making the water used for human consumption. They act as positive hydration and for rehydration that helps athletes, keep the electrolytes balanced, retain fluids […]