Our bentonite is commonly used in drilling fluids for lubricating and cooling the cutting tools. It even helps in removing the cuttings and avoids the blowouts. Commonly, the bentonite we produce is useful at drilling and geotechnical engineering industry. They have unique rheological properties.

Sodium Hydroxide

Sodium hydroxide Sodium Hydroxide We produce the best quality sodium hydroxide that is commonly used in the water purification procedure. They are used for raising the pH level of the water supplies. Usage As Esterification And Transesterification Reagent Our sodium hydroxide is traditionally used in soap making.  It is manufactured for v  on a hard […]

Sodium Bi Carbonate

Sodium Bi Carbonate Sodium Bi Carbonate The sodium bicarbonate produced by us is used in the process of removing all the paint and corrosions. This is considered as a blasting medium, sodium bicarbonate that is used for removing surface contamination right from less and softer resilient substances like copper, aluminum, etc.  Best Pest Control And […]

Soda Ash

Soda Ash Soda Ash Blueline Industries produce soda ash that has dissolved compounds like magnesium and calcium compounds. Such sodium carbonate is used for removing the temporary and permanent hardness present in water.  In glass manufacturing industry, our soda ash is the largest application for the production of containers, fiberglass insulation, or flat glass for […]

Defoamers And Foamers

Defoamers And Foamers Defoamers And Foamers We provide defoamers and foamers that are commonly used as oil-based defoamers having oil carrier. The oil here is usually white, mineral oil, and vegetable oil.  Best Oil Defoamers At Blue Line Chemicals, we create good oil based defoamers to be used on an oil carrier. The oil might […]

Corrosion Inhibitors

Corrosion Inhibitors Corrosion Inhibitors Volatile amines or corrosion inhibitors of ours are used in various boilers for minimizing the effects of acid. Also, they are used in the amines form as a protective film on the steel surfaces and even act as an anodic inhibitor. The corrosion inhibitors of Blue Line Chemicals are commonly used […]


Catalyst Catalyst Our catalyst products are used in various chemical processes. These are commonly used in the production of methanol and ammonia. Here both the ammonia and methanol synthesis would take the advantage of being a great water-gas shift reaction and heterogeneous catalysis. At Blue Line Chemicals, Catalyst would be used for industrial manufacturing procedures […]

Barite SG 4.15/4.20

Barite SG 4.15/4.20 Barite SG 4.15/4.20 The barite is a colorless or white substance and at Blueline Industries we are the major suppliers and producers of the element barium in UAE. We provide various kinds like barite, Celestine, anglesite, etc. They are used as the weighting agents for drilling fluids in gas and oil exploration.  […]

Biocides & Scavengers

Biocides & Scavengers Biocides & Scavengers Our biocide is used as a chemical substance that can deter, destroy, or provide a controlling effect on any harmful organism. It is regularly used as a pesticide and should not be confused with any kind of plant protection product.  Commonly the biocides we produce are used in most […]

Acid Inhabitors

Acid Inhabitors Acid Inhabitors For stimulating carbonate and sandstone wells, the acid inhabiitors treatment is used. Our acidic inhibitors are used for pumping into reservoirs for creating long channels (wormholes). Such wormholes would penetrate right into the formation and allow the oil and gas to migrate. Also, this acid is an alternative to the HCI […]