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Mud Engineering Services

The modern drilling technology is giving opportunity and needs to use the high quality chemical products. mud engineering services provide to its clients satisfactory mud systems and skill personell. The wellbore drilling in hazardous and complex geological conditions today is kind of art; in order to provide cost effective mud and eliminate downhole problems.Our MES utilizes the best known new technology and appropriate equipment to control the performance of the drilling.Our skill personell and laboratory tests guarantee high quality of the services..
  • Cementing Services -Cementing Service has been providing professional cementing services to all segments of the oil and gas industry with the equipment supplied by Schlumberger-Dowell. Cementing Service has the personnel, equipment, products and knowledge to fulfil all client cementing needs.
  • Mud Logging –Services -The Mud logging service "datawell" We offer our service for full monitoring drilling process, geological of the supervising, quick acquisition, processing, analyzing and transferring technical well-data and geological information.

Other Mud Engineering Services,

BCHEM Provide complete package of Mud Engineering Services like
  • Filtration Equipments and Services
  • Mud Supply
  • Water well Drilling Fluids
  • Testing and Lab Services