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Blueline Chemicals HSE Model

BCHEM’s employees are the Company’s important asset. Preventing occupational injuries, illnesses, and protection of the environment are of such consequence that management will provide all the facilities and support reasonably required to ensure success.

BCHEM's HSE policies and strategic objectives ensure:

  • focus upon potential impacts of work activities and worksites
  • integration within BCHEM's family of management systems
  • clear and equal importance with BCHEM's growth policies and objectives
  • facilitation at all organizational levels
  • open internal and external communication
  • responsible care to meet, exceed applicable regulatory or legal requirements
  • voluntary application of BCHEM standards where laws and regulations do not exist
  • systematic recognition of risks
  • commitment to reduction of risks and hazards to lowest practicable levels
  • commitment to continuous improvement in HSE stewardship

Key Elements Embrace:

Leadership & Commitment

BCHEM Senior Management Commitment to strong safety and health culture with visible top management involvement in implementing the program, so that all will understand that management's commitments are serious.

Policy & Strategic Objectives

BCHEM goal statements on safety and health protection, to ensure that all personnel concerned with the worksite understand the priority of safety, health and environmental protection in relation to other organizational values.

Organization, Resources & Documentation

BCHEM's documented and responsible allocation of resources and people to get the job done.

Evaluation & Risk Management

BCHEM's continuous proactive analysis of work and worksites to anticipate and prevent harmful occurrences.


Planning and developing performance-oriented procedures and practices, can be met by a variety of methods, and are essential to effective safety, health and environmental protection.

Implementation & Monitoring

Regular safety, health and environmental monitoring to reinforce develop corrective action when needed

Auditing & Reviewing

Sustaining continuous improvement by comparing system performance against feedback and benchmarking data.


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