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Sodium Chloride Salt (NaCl)

As a Salt Manufacturer, we serve broad market segments with a complete salt portfolio in various shapes & packages sizes. A variety of product offerings including Drilling salt, water treatment salt, bulk deicing salt, as well as commercial, industrial and consumer salt products. Blue Line is on the largest marketer of salt in GCC with the ability to sell over one million tons annually.

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    • Drilling Salt : The salt manufactured is of the highest purity taking into account the need chemical processes .High purity free flowing crystalline sodium chloride with minimum purity as 99.5 % NaCl is one of the critical chemicals used as a drilling Mud in oil & gas Industries  & petrochemical Industries.


    • Salt Tablets : It is manufactured in a round shape with a size specification of 22mm x 9mm. The packaging is in sealed low-density polyethylene bags of 25 kg. The product is specifically tailored for use in water softening, conditioning and treatment industries.


    • Crude Washed Salt : With minimum Purity of 98 % NaCl & grain size upto 05 mm it is used in road de-icing, petrochemicals , Chlor-alkali, tanneries &  Aluminum/Iron Smelters etc.

Sodium Chloride Brine

Sodium Chloride(NaCl) Brine System are single-salt solutions of sodium chloride and water.

Sodium Chloride Brine Systems are used extensively in low-density, clear- fluid workover and completion operations such as shallow low-pressure wells which do not require the special inhibitive properties of calcium or potassium systems. These fluids are also used to adjust the density of other non-saturated brines such as seawater, potassium chloride and ammonium chloride. Note: Use the Blending Tables to obtain the desired density.

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Calcium Chloride Brine

Calcium Chloride (CaCl2) Brine Systems are single-salt solutions of calcium chloride and water.

Calcium Chloride Brine Systems should be used for workover and completion operations which require densities ranging from 8.4 to 11.6 lb/gal (1,007 to 1,390 kg/m3). These single-salt clear brines reduce formation damage caused by solids or clay swelling, clay dispersion or clay and solids migration. An 11.6 lb/gal (1,390 kg/m3) Calcium Chloride Brine System has a crystallization temperature near 44°F (6.7°C). Calcium Chloride Brine Systems are also blended with heavier brines for higher density calcium- or zinc-base mixed-brine systems.

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