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Bioremediation can be defined as any process that uses micro-organisms, fungi, green plants or their enzymes to return an environment altered by contaminants to its original condition. A variety of biodegradation techniques have evolved, including land farming, composting or windrowing and vermicomposting. The applicability of each technique should be evaluated to enable the optimal treatment method to be chosen. BCHEM has experience on operational, technical and analytical levels and can offer advice on the most suitable options for a particular bioremediation project. A Waste Management Advisor Software package has been developed to assist in selection of the best waste treatment option including a BIOWARE software option. This option provides a number of planning and logistics tools which can be used to manage bioremediation operations. Consideration is made to climate constraints, logistics, timescale, footprint, end product requirements, augment availability and waste characteristics. The tool also summarises strengths and weaknesses of the various options, operational guidelines and lab testing results and allows decisions on the optimum treatment method to be made based on known variables, to ensure success.